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Social Media Marketing: 4 Easy Steps to Success

Social Media Marketing

This is the “everyone can follow” but “few ever do” guide to social media marketing and viral marketing.

Mindset:  Would you like to come over to my house and watch 6 hours of nothing but TV commercials I have recorded?

  • How about I offer you a free service of cutting all the articles from your morning news paper and deliver only the ads?
  • How about my idea for radio station that has no DJ talk, no music just commercials all the time?
  • Which one sounds like something you would want to do on your day off?

Could your Facebook Page be added to this list?  Is it you trying to sell your product or service?  Who would want to spend their free time reading commercials by choice?  NOBODY!  So why do so many business owners think they will have social media success deploying this strategy?

This guide will help you answer the only question you need to answer to win at Social Media Marketing and be prepared for an era of inbound marketing.

This is how we find out why,

Step One of Social Media Marketing:  LISTEN



Social Media Marketing &  inbound marketing

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Step Two:  LEARN

Read Posts on Social Media Marketing and Inbound Marketing

This part should go without any explanation, but just in case…  just go find posts in your keywords that have good ranking on Google and that have big numbers for engagement.  Take notes, I suggest starting an excel (or Google Spreadsheets etc.) with the following headings (and descriptions)

Successful Post (Yes | No or tick box is all you need here so the data will be actionable)

What day of the month was it posted

What day of the week was it posted

What exact time of day was it posted

Keyword One

Keyword Two

Keyword Three

Other Keywords to Note

Study Trends Related to Your Keywords (Get out ahead on trending keywords and pick up readers by delivering relevant content first!)

Note Inbound Marketing usage

Keyword Study Tools:

Find a Post that was Successful?  Chart It!  When was it posted?  What keywords?  What Links?  What assets were offered? What experts were involved or linked? What social media sites was it syndicated to?  Pay attention to inbound marketing integrated with others social media. Especially Facebook and Twitter.

Step 3 Create

Create Engaging Content that People want, need and do not have enough options of online.

Maybe you use a simplified model to provide outstanding Social Media Marketing and inbound marketing.  In this case you should make an info-graphic with your simple 4 step process to win.

Step 4 Engage

Start posting your content online and making a splash with it wherever you can.  If you know that you have a useful tool make sure others know it as well.

Invite Blogs via Email or Comments to Check Out Your New Tool, Ask for a Review.  They are often happy to find relevant new unique content to link to.

Do not look at social media as a free way to advertise.  If you do, it will not be.  If you look at it as an investment into your future, it will side spawn some free advertising but only after the investments of time or resources have been made.   The investment will also return directly to you.

You have to have values established and a plan or Social Media Marketing will be like all of your other marketing, just hoping and guessing when you could be knowing and growing.

Viral Marketing

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