Text Message Marketing

Debugging is running smoothly and I am proud to announce that the mobile landing page building environment should be fully operational.  This is the part of the system where you use drag and drop elements to build a landing page and a link is sent to your list.  This interactive coupon system has many great widgets like a scarcity widget, scratch off cards etc. etc. etc.!

If you request credentials then you can operate the live SMS platform at https://ipromotis.com/sms but this is not any SMS platform.  This is an interactive SMS marketing platform.  This innovation allows not only SMS coupons but SMS coupons the recipients can share on social media and with friends.  When their shared coupons are used their own coupons gain value with PromotIS Viral Coupons.

text message marketing

The iPromotIS Text Marketing Platform Includes:

  • Restaurant wait list seating notifier
  • Contest automation and fair winner selection
  • Interactive keyword responder
  • Appointment reminders
  • Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR)
  • Loyalty system
  • Trivia to drive interaction
  • A fully functional mobile dashboard*
  • Viral coupons
  • 100% FCC compliant
  • Robo calling**


What is Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing is an emerging marketing tool.  The full scope is not yet realized.  We know it works really well for restaurants, bands, annual events, and coupons of all kinds. The average American reports their car stolen after 24.2 hours, their wallet after 6.7 hours and their spouse after 71.6 hours but they report their cell phone stolen after an average 19 minutes.  When you use text message marketing you gain the ability to place your message where the customer will notice.

text message marketing system

Text Message Marketing is All About The List!

Your text message marketing campaign will never be any better than the list you are marketing.  It is all about the list!  Many of our services such as the loyalty program, wait list notifier etc. are automated list builders but they are not fully automated.  It requires pop advertising and sales training to accomplish the goal.

List Building 101

One of the guiding principles I work by:  “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”  Zig Ziglar.

List building is all about helping people get what they want.  An automated system can send customers, who double opt in, the best savings notifications until they reply stop.  Once they believe it is easy to opt out then it is easy to get them to opt in.  Automated prospecting has great potential in brick and mortar retail sales.  I think it is important to mention that this is not a replacement for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) but a step down prospecting tool that should be used along side a CRM platform.

With the iPromotIS SMS Marketing System list building you can:
  • Prepare messages in bulk with the admin panel
  • Manage multiple lists
  • Assign customers to lists according to their keyword replies
  • Use QR pop or iPad “register to win” kiosks
  • Utilize API integration with multiple list building programs

The Ultimate SMS Marketing Platform

sms marketing administration dashboard snaphot

The online dashboard has a step by step video training library and a PDF step by step guide for each of the services offered.

SMS marketing system training offerings.

A simple calendar that allows you to prepare your messages months in advance.

SMS marketing scheduler

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

*Mobile dashboard requires setup in the administration panel but offers access to marketing functions that are needed on the go.  It is perfect for salespeople and hostess stands.

**iPromotIS does not allow political robo calling.  We only allow robo calling to opt in lists such as employees, schools, churches etc.

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