Workplace Blogs In 2017

The great multi-use tool that is so often overlooked, workplace blogs.  Is your workplace organization disconnected?  A blog may be exactly what the Guru ordered!

What Workplace Blogs Can Do

Your next workplace blog can serve to keep employees connected with the organization and keep your customer connected with both of them.  Every medium and large sales force should have two blogs because constant communication is important.

Internal Workplace Blogs

An “internal” blog serves as an extension of your training, sales meetings and communications.  It serves to educate and install confidence in your employees.  It is a comfortable platform where employees can ask questions and get answers in public.  A workplace blog empowers them to defend themselves from other employees who are wrong and may not understand the company culture because most organizations have middle managers that do not “get it”.

Empower the gifted employees and watch everything get easier.  You can build trust with your staff using transparency on your workplace blog.

Great leaders already know that it is much easier to work with people who “want to”.  Internal workplace blogs, when done right, will help the corporate team realize what the employees want to do.  When you align the wills of corporate and staff, amazing things are possible.

When the will of corporate and the will of the employees are at battle then mediocrity should be expected.  The workplace should blog should be a comfortable environment where all constructive comments are welcome.

The workplace blog is a great place to identify training opportunities and deliver solutions.  Do your veterans access your training library?  What a waste.  You can demand they do and make them all hate it or you can make them want to.

In conclusion your internal workplace blog is a great place to pitch your agenda and truly sell it by overcoming objections and seeking agreements.

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Public Workplace Blogs

Another “public” blog serves to keep your customers connected to your employees.  Blogs are diaries and this is a diary of customer avocation and victory.  Excitement is contagious.  Some of your sales staff can be cultivated into blog superstars.    The perfect public workplace blog will be different from one business to the next but there are some rules to consider.

  1. Your blog has to be useful to be successful.
  2. It needs to be easy to use.
  3. If you want your blog to appeal to the masses it has to be professional.  If you want it to appeal to a niche it may not have to be professional.
  4. You have to train your employees for the simple blogging skill set then let the cream rise to the top.
  5. You will need a regularly scheduled collaboration meeting to focus content around goals.
  6. Proof reading services will increase use.  Some of the best bloggers are horrible at English.
  7. Go outside the box to market your blog.  Public stunts is one suggestion.  Keep it fun!

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